Why choose Paradigm?
I have built my business through word of mouth and given the large number of tutoring companies that exist in Los Angeles, this success is the highest compliment.  Paradigm tutors are all incredibly gifted teachers who not only know the standardized tests inside and out but also know the very best ways to tutor them.  We are not interested in a cookie cutter approach to education, but rather we want this journey to be personal and positive for every student.  Our aim is not only to produce great results but also to give students skills, motivation and confidence that will last throughout their college years and beyond.

Do you offer other services in addition to test preparation?
Yes, definitely.  We welcome students of all ages, including college level.  Most of our students, however, are in high school, and we can help with a variety of subject areas, writing skills and college application guidance.

When should a student take the SAT and/or the ACT?
Although there are many options, most students will take their first SAT or ACT in early spring of their junior year (March) and begin preparation in the fall.  However, it is also quite common for students to start preparation the summer before their junior year in order to get a head start, especially if they are taking a heavy school load.  Other students will wait to start preparation in the beginning of their second semester junior year and take the test in late spring (May or June).  We are happy to discuss the different scheduling options with you and help you choose an appropriate schedule.  Often, planning for college can feel stressful and overwhelming to both the student and parents, but it does not have to be.  There are many ways to plan accordingly so that the process is focused, highly achievable and even fun.

How many sessions does a student need for SAT /ACT preparation?
Every student is unique and the length of preparation often depends on goals, starting scores, amount of homework done between sessions, level of commitment and learning style.  It is common for students to need between 24-30 hours of preparation, but some students will need more or less depending on these factors.  Paradigm tutors are always available to share with parents the student’s progress along the way.  Students will also take several practice tests and do weekly homework assignments so that we know how their scores are improving.

What materials do you use?
We teach directly from real standardized tests that come from The Official Guide to the SAT as well as The Real ACT.  Teaching directly from these tests minimizes surprises on test days by helping students become very familiar with the test structure and true nature of test questions.  If necessary, we will provide supplemental material.

Where and how long are the sessions?
Tutors usually meet with students for two hours during each session.  Academic sessions are typically scheduled for an hour and a half.  Most sessions take place in the student’s home.

How many times should a student take the SAT/ACT?
Most students will take the SAT/ACT at least twice; some will take them a third time.  It is highly recommended that a student do several brush-up tutoring sessions before retaking the test a second and/or third time. 

How much will a student improve?
A student’s score improvement will vary depending on several factors – length of tutoring time, assignments completed, commitment, focus level and starting score.  Paradigm tutors are patient, experienced and dedicated, and we will do everything we can to help a student reach his/her true potential.  We believe we are not just teaching SAT/ACT test taking strategies but also encouraging good study habits, commitment and the development of drive and enthusiasm - qualities that will help a student even after the preparation is completed. 

Which test should a student take – ACT or SAT?
The ACT and the SAT are two very different tests, and I can discuss with you which test is most suitable.  Some students will even take both.

What is the process of working with Paradigm? How do we get started?
I will discuss with you the specific needs of the student and develop a plan with you.  Based on the needs of the student, I will choose the most suitable tutor who will then contact you directly to schedule the appointments.  I am always available to discuss any concerns and answer any questions and am more than delighted to meet in person.  Sometimes, the students themselves will contact me and that is certainly welcome as well. 


What are your rates?
Rates are competitive.  We do not bill for any upcoming sessions, but rather we collect payment at the end of each session because we want you to be completely satisfied.  Please contact me directly for a complimentary consultation.