“Joy is really motivating and always positive.  She came to every session in a great mood and inspired me to do my best.  I always felt confident during our sessions and on test days.  Joy is also very organized and patient.  She helped me with all my standardized tests and my writing skills.  She is a great tutor!”

Michelle I., Rose and Alex Pilibos, Los Angeles

“Joy has been the biggest help.  She is so sweet, intelligent and helpful.  Without her, this process would have been so much more difficult.  I can’t imagine going through test preparation and the college admissions process with anyone but her.”

 Ally R., Campbell Hall, Studio City

“I loved working with Joy!  Her enthusiasm made studying for the SATs an enjoyable thing as opposed to tedious work and made me keep wanting to improve my scores.  She not only gave me the skills to increase my scores but also instilled a sense of self-motivation within me.  Using her critical reading techniques, my score improved dramatically…When it came time to finishing my college essays, Joy was a huge help.  I had met with many of my teachers to help improve my essay, but only after I met with Joy did I feel that I loved my essay and that it conveyed the exact message I wanted.  I would definitely refer Joy to any friends.  In fact, I already have!

Maxine R., Shalhevet School, West Los Angeles

“Joy is an excellent teacher; she is extremely helpful, understanding and patient.  Her tactics are not just instructional but essential for simplifying the SAT.”

Tess R., John Marshall High School, Studio City

“I hate test taking, but I always looked forward to Joy’s inspirational comments and positive outlook every time I saw her.  She made the SAT and ACT so much more enjoyable and fun.”

Arielle B., Campbell Hall, Studio City

“As a tutor, Joy is patient, flexible and effective.  She adapted her teaching style to suit my son and kept him motivated and confident.  She really knows her stuff.  His test scores were spectacular.”

Lana M., Parent, Campbell Hall, Studio City

“Joy not only taught me excellent techniques that enabled me to receive a very high score on the SATs, but she was also always so positive and encouraging.  She was also so helpful with my college essays and my college application process.  During constructive brainstorming sessions, we discovered my unique stories for my college essays (i.e. who I really am verses just a resume).  She helped me understand the college admissions process as a whole and what colleges really look for.”

 Nicole S., Milken Community High School

“After working with Joy, I learned that the SAT is not unconquerable.  I learned that it is a very predicable test.  Joy taught me not only to have confidence in myself but also how to take advantage of the SAT’s predictability.  I was extremely happy with my scores!!!”

Leah W., Westridge School, Pasadena

“By working with Joy, I’ve been able to significantly raise my ACT test taking abilities.  The way Joy teaches was perfect for the way I learn.  She taught me the techniques and helped me utilize my personal strengths.  Some parts of the test became a breeze for me.  Working with Joy was an amazing experience and one that I will always remember.” 

Ryan C., Campbell Hall, Studio City

“Joy helped me immensely.  She took away all my SAT phobias and helped me greatly raise my SAT scores.” 

Libby G., Hamilton High School, Culver City

“I was never one to buy into the tutoring process, but Joy changed all that very quickly.  I did poorly by my standards on my first SAT, especially in critical reading.  After one session, my critical reading score was already up 80 points. Joy's strategies were not only easy to master but also very effective on the test… She covered everything, including grammar and vocabulary, and I still think about her grammar rules now when I write essays for school.  I would seriously recommend Joy to anyone... She is easy to connect with, and more importantly, she really understands how to go about the SAT.”

Cody S., Harvard West Lake, North Hollywood